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As soon as I heard that there is a wife died of asthma in the middle of the night, I took the courage to help provide the community a nebulizer. Anyone can use it as needed.


We have been giving hundreds of Bibles to the community, schools, new believers, small groups, different networks have been blessed because of your help. Thanks for being a blessing.


We’re not celebrating Christmas as Disciples of Jesus, this is one of the ‘holy’ days in Christendom. Everyday is holy unto the Lord, everyday is the day of the Lord. There are only ‘holy people’ of God. However, I see no problem of families getting together for a holiday such as these times. I praise God the more Filipino families are getting close because of our religious festivities. One good example alone is our ‘All Saints Day’ and ‘All Souls Day’ more families though visit their loved at the cemetery yet they don’t normally prays for the dead now a days, though some still do, but come together just to be with family and be with each other. The same as Christmas seasons.

Somehow, to get them out of this tradition, which is the main reason why we don’t hear God ourselves, is to get in where they are and be a part of it. So in this Christmas season the extended family here in my community is helping out the poor and blessed them. We are organizing a gift of groceries and used clothing and toys for the children. Every one of us has somehow some leftovers or unused things like sandals, bags, school stuffs, socks, whatever you can think of, even blankets and pillows. THink about what it can do to the poor families in your neighborhoods and mountainsides.

Feel free to be a part of it my friend, groceries cost money to buy, 3 kilos of rice along with some bitty stuffs to eat and some useful clothing can be a big blessing to them. On the side of this page you can click ‘Paypal’ to give and share what you can. As my friends and extended family you are welcome to this ‘family’ event here. Today, a friend would come to my house and takes with him these stuffs that we’re planning to give out.

Be a part of it, or shoot me an email for more information here:



We’ve shared to the community providing a machine for asthmatic people. The community called Malibu, Subangdaku where one of the networks named Gary lives is one of the poorest in CEBU. It is where the 7 year ofl girl Juliet, who has 4 holes in her heart lived next door where Gary lives. Gary with his mom, keeps the machine and neighboring friends and extended families borrowed it and use it. Thanks for Flynn who help provided for this community, we hope to share one at a time to different networks.


We have help the church planters in Cebu Network with Bikes for the ministry. We bought 7 bikes. Thanks for my friend Phil and Carl who help out. Here are the pictures and receipts:

Help Them with Bikes!

“God has stripped me of everything after I was mistakenly identified as an enemy of someone sitting beside me on a bench just because I am wearing the same color of shirt. Someone pulled a gun and shoot me and bullet goes through my belly. It was a tragic accident that I lost my business for a surgery and was forced to live in a dump site area of Cebu City, Philippines. But long before I realize what I thought as the end of it all, was just a beginning of my ministry to the poor areas of the province.”

This is how one of our church planters Kenneth began his story of starting house churches where he lives.

Trying to find a place to stay with his wife, having no children but have 4 miscarriages already, they settled in a shack that if only he can buy it for only $10 he can use it. Having no electricity until now at his house but it was full of laughter and joy because daily, children would just comes and goes, learning hygiene, Bible stories, Scripture verses, and have meal together. They then realize that God has a plan for them in that area, might not own one little child but fathering and mothering many children of Jesus.

“One day that I could not forget,” he said to me while having a meal together alongside of the road for sharing and discipleship training, “One of the father of these children visited me at the house and ask, ‘Are you the one that’s called Uncle Kenneth?’ He nodded his head and the father continued, ‘I just want to thank you for teaching my child about Jesus.’ And later he was informed that this father once have to go somewhere and his child ask him, “Papa, I have to pray for you first and share some verses from the Bible before you go.” This Dad shows tears from his eyes. And so is he as he shared this wonderful story of God’s love.

Apart from his wife as his partner of teaching and raising these children in a godly manner he started also picking up some men whom he’ll become partners as well to reach the whole community, namely: the parents of these children.

He reach them out and hopefully can be potentials to reach other families in his community. One named Cerillo works with him now. Cerillo has many children: eight. Works as a shop electrician which is a great potential for future business that I am praying of [Starting a shop, trains church planters on how to fix things, and sends them off to the community with a bike. A blog will still to be made].

No Buildings, But People

Cebu has around 3.8 million population, and has 1.6 million below poverty line. One such area where Kenneth and Cerillo lives and minister is called Inayawan Dump Site. It doesn’t take some professional clergy’s to reach these poor people. Its just takes someone like them to live among the people, know their hurts and share Jesus’ love. I could not think of a picture like these except what happened in Acts chapter 2. They share one another’s need. They go from ‘house to house.’ No other way could we could erect an edifice in this area, and even if someone will, We will not allow them. For it will only kill God’s Work in this area, and prevent God’s Word to nourish and flourish in their dusty hearts.

Church is people and will always be people. Building relationships to God and each other. Treating each other as family members. Nothing more, nothing less.

Bikes for Sale

As we discuss about Intentional Discipleship, and how we can also further the work practically. We bumped around the idea of providing church planters with a USED-MOUNTAIN-BIKE from Japan. Cebu has quite some stores that sells them. This can help their ministry as they go and find ‘houses of peace’ from ‘barangay to barangay.’

We believe that this is a worthwhile project. And we ask any one to ‘pray and obey’ as you think about it. You may share this to a friend. Someone out there have ‘seeds to sow’ and purposed already in his heart how he or she can be of partner to someone else’s ministry.

The bikes only cost $50. Because it is a used one, but it is also a very good quality, one that can own still do a little fixing like cleaning, and buying small additional parts like wiring and maybe slightly damage brakes which this is their part of sacrifice to get what they have prayed for.

If indeed you are lead, we can send you a receipt, in which if you do not mind, will take a close-up picture of it and send it as attachment through email. In this way, no additional expenses to send the original receipt. However, if you need it we will do so. Send us your mailing address.

We will send you a picture through attachment also of a bike and church planter riding on it.

God Bless You on your journey as you pray.


Child’s Name: Lloyd Siarot
Age: 8 years old
Address: Dump site, white Road Inayawan, Cebu City, Philippines
Parents Names: Victorio Siarot Jr. [Father], Karen Tabar siarot [Mother]
Parents Occupation: Necklacer [part-time], Shell craft [seasonal]

Medical Case: Colostomy
A colostomy is a surgical procedure that involves connecting a part of the colon onto the anterior abdominal wall, leaving the patient with an opening on the abdomen called a stoma. In a colostomy, the stoma is formed from the end of the large intestine, which is drawn out through the incision and sutured to the skin. After a colostomy, feces leave the patient’s body through the abdomen. A colostomy may be permanent or temporary, depending on the reasons for its use.

Llyod History: [Sorry for my grammar]

He was born without hole in his anus and at age 5 [two years ago], someone sponsored for his surgery to make a hole in his anus at City Hospital in Cebu. Several brethren and friends help bought the medicines. Making a hole in his anus is the first surgery. Now, as shown in the picture the boy has some plastered on his side, that’s where he spit out his dirt when he needed to.

The family has a member of 6 kids, Lloyd is grade 2 now, Elementary. His parents lived in a Dump Site [where the city throw all the garbage] area of Cebu City. Two of our house church network named Kenneth and Cerillo lived within the community ministering to the needy people. As Kenneth describes his network as ‘he does not have a house church but what he does is a whole community became his house church.’ Every morning people come to his house and have coffee together. His wife, which is pregnant, Rhean, does a lot of teaching the children every day.

Kenneth, see his whole story of why he ended up to this place here:

The operation:

The estimated cost to get the job done for the boy to be normal is $1000. This includes all laboratories before and after the surgery, medical bills and medicines after the surgery.

The boy has [4] four doctors attending him with different specialties. They are Dr. Uy, Dr. Taalim, Dr. Umurbida, and Dr. Arenaso. One of them is his pediatrics.

Along with the [2] two church planters we have and I, will accompany the boy with his parents in the whole process of the operation. Updates, pictures, and receipts will be sent if requested.

Ten People?

10 people for a $100 each can help the boy. Or $50 for twenty people?

The pictures was taken this afternoon, today February 14, 2009

For more information you can write me


cebu network business


By: Molong and Lisa Nacua, house church practitioner and planter


Our mission is to honor God by establishing house churches for Jesus Christ.


For where your house is, there your church will be also.


God calls me to reach out every Filipino family through simple/house church/family like fellowships. I believe God can best reach people through ‘family households’ rather than through individuals. John the baptist was called to ‘prepare the way of the Lord’ by reconciling family relationships. And the 72 disciples were sent to the village to ‘find a house of peace.’ I believe that true revival happens first in the hearts of people living in homes where true lives really show in front of their loved ones. Just like a ‘lamp’ being put up in a table so that ‘all who are in the house’ will see the light, and from the house it goes to a community.


Christianity has been around 108 years in our country; hundreds of churches yet we’ve never turned even a city upside down. One major problem arises because it’s only clergy that have been to a seminary Bible school that can lead churches. The priesthood of all believers has not been recognized. Secondly is the way Institutional Churches support their leaders. The standard salary of a pastor is only $40 per month whether they have 1 or 5 children going to school. This idea of clergy and the financing of the worker slows down the ministry. And though in the house church movement such beliefs change automatically, but not literally, there is still some preliminary works to be done.

The House Church Movement in the Philippines is so young to stand on its own. But at least it has a good start to begin with in terms of moving toward simplicity of the church as in the days of the apostles. The following ‘tent making’ business could possibly further God’s work because it can potentially support mobile church planters to become mobile technicians roaming around doing church plantings and at the same time support their own ministry while on the field.


The business concept is an ELECTRICAL AND REPAIR SHOP. It will be a store to sell parts for any nine kinds of home appliances such as electric fans, stoves, air conditions, etc., but most of its roles are repairs. Imagine in every house there are at least 3-5 of these appliances that a family owns. What a potential then to serve them with services that offer not only a shop for them to bring their appliances to be repaired but also provide home servicing wherever they are – an unrecognizable ‘disguise’ to share the gospel while doing the job inside their very own homes.


The business is mainly family owned, meaning me. I will supervise it for a while until I am able to travel again and continue doing what God called me to do, without worrying what resources should I leave for my family while I’m away. I have already two technicians that are being prepared for the job. This can maintain the services that we offer in the shop alone.

On the job training

Now here’s the real deal. The first to help are the church planters, to find their own means while in the field. So this is what they can do for themselves. They will work with me in the shop, in training for three [3] months on how to fix electrical appliances. [I have my own experience while working in my Dad’s shops years ago. It does not need a high school or even an elementary graduate to learn how to fix things like these. So it can be learned, depending on the commitments.] After their training, they are then ready to be sent out as mobile technicians and church planters to the villages. The village is where the rich people live compared to those who just live in a squatters area. There are around 100-200 houses in one village. Imagine if one mobile technician can just get 10 home appliances a day to be repaired? The cost of labor for each is $2, then that is $20 a day, just for the labor alone. What if there are some parts to be replace? Small parts like the Electric Fans can just be put in small bags with some tools that the person can carry on his back. Each church planters then can receive a food allowance, but not a salary. They will get a commission basis, depending on their hard work. Refrigerators and such can then be pick up by a small jeepney to be dropped at the shop for big repairs.

Each mobile technician or church planters will be provided with [1] an Identification Card showing that they work in a legal company, [2] a receipt, to show they can be trusted and [3] a name/calling/business card, that provides their information and the shops information. We can provide them with colored T-shirts with the companies name to make them look good. If each technicians can succeed in his work then a second-hand mountain bike from Japan can be provided for his mobility. [There are 2nd hand bikes from Japan here that cost only $50].


Not only that each technician can earn daily in the villages, they can also gather as a team and make arrangements to schools, hospitals and establishments and offer maintenance services. A school of 50 rooms could have 75 electric fans. If you offer them $2 labor for each then you can get as much as $150 alone, not including the parts if there are any replacements. Companies and hospitals have bigger number of appliances to be repaired and maintain.


[1] We can do a wholesale store in Cebu to the Islands of Visayas and Mindanao. Stocks can be bought in a cheaper price in Quapo, Quezon City. As I am saying, this is my father’s business before so we know where to buy cheap bulk materials for the business.

[2] We can open several branches in the future.


Still a great number of Filipinos have no income. We can provide jobs for them through marketing and training and at the same time ‘lock them up in a room for a spiritual session,’ before sending them out as witnesses of Jesus.


The estimated starting capital is $2,610.

For everyone wishing to help support the network please send to this account and send me an email so that we can give you updates and formal receipts:


Accnt No: 036-3-03638810-3

Metro Bank, Mandaue Center, Jayme St. Cor. National Highway, Cebu

Swift Code: MBTCPHMM

Details of the business are discussed below.




Parts Sales and Repair

I. Repairs of all kinds of electrical appliances:

  • electric fans
  • electric iron
  • rice cookers
  • bread toaster
  • washing machine
  • air con
  • gas stoves
  • gas range
  • refrigerators

II. Licensing and Permits [$350]

A. Business Permits

  1. Barangay permit
  2. Mayor’s Permit
  3. Sanitary Permit
  4. BIR
  5. Fire Extinguisher Permit

B. Printings

  • official receipts
  • delivery receipts
  • job order

III. Sign Boards [$50]

IV. Operating Monthly Expenses: [$420], start up rental, 1 month advance, 2 months deposit – $510

A. Rentals – $170

B. Light – $10

C. Water – $10

D. Salaries/Wages – $200

  • Two [2] Technician – [one is for home service]
  • Clerk

E. Gas/Multi-cab for Motorcycle, for pick up appliances – $30

V. Tools Needed – [$300]

  • One set Philip screw drivers
  • Two [2] Soldering Iron with leds [one for mobile technician]
  • Two [2] Testers [one for mobile technician]
  • One [1] set adjustible wrench
  • Rewinder [second hand]
  • Grinder [second hand]
  • Two [2] Vice Grip
  • Table Clamp
  • Two [2] Hammer
  • Two [2] Chisel
  • Iron saw with blade
  • Working Table
  • Glass Display Rack
  • Plastic jars and boxes for stock display
  • Blow Torch

VI. Renovations [$150]

  • Paints
  • Hooks
  • electrical materials such as outlets, and plugs, switches.

VII. Spare parts I [$1,000]

A. Electric Fans

  • Blade
  • Blade Lock
  • Guard Lock
  • Front and Back Cover
  • Oscillation Knob
  • Oscillation Box Cover
  • gear Box
  • Pinion
  • Oscillation Gear
  • Spur Gear
  • Oscillation Crank
  • Oscillation Rod
  • Timer
  • Switch Box
  • Switch
  • Neck

B. Motor

  • PartsHousing
  • Bushing
  • Shafting
  • Star Spring
  • Foam
  • Bolitas
  • Pinion Spring
  • Wire – #31-35
  • Fish Paper
  • Hook up Wire
  • Easy Cord and Plug
  • Guard Ring
  • Fuse
  • Guard Clip

C. Brands of Electric fans

  • National / KDK
  • Panasonic
  • Sanyo
  • Hanabishi
  • Asahi
  • 3D – Rota Air, Jumbo, Super King and regular size]

D. Style of Electric Fans

  • Stand Fan
  • Desk Fan
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Wall fan

VIII. Spare Parts II

  • Stoves – Burner cap [small, meduim, large]
  • 3D Stove – Single and Double
  • Sanyo Burners
  • Electri iron, micro waves, oven toaster – filaments
  • Air Con
  • Washing machine – timers