• Sumo

discipleSHIFT is about change.

I believe that the next breed of Believers will not be called by their denominational names but only by His Name: followers of Jesus Christ. They will not be merely called ‘Christians,’ but ‘priests of God’ whose commission is to go and make disciples; they will be the ‘church going’ community, not church-goers.

10 mega-shift in Disciple-making

  1. From Traditional Discipleship to Intentional-Relational Discipleship
  2. From One-man Discipling Everybody to One-another Making Disciples to Everybody.
  3. From Discipling the Believer Already to Making Disciples to Non-Believing.
  4. From Discipling to Make Disciples
  5. From Pastor-led to Spirit-led
  6. From Pastoring to Parenting
  7. From Classroom Teaching to Relational Teaching
  8. From Church-goer Christian to Church-going Community of Families
  9. From Visitation to Habitation
  10. From Many Branches of Christianity to Unity in One Body

Church is Family

After we make a person a disciple of Jesus, we accept him or her as our brother or sister in the Lord. To be more specific, if I made my friend a Jesus follower then I became his ‘father in the Lord’ and he became my ‘son in the Lord.’ We have become family to each...

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The Early Church Security System

  The early church was so set up that it gets its security system in their Lord and the saints, the church. "No one is poor among them for they owned everything." Such 'koinonina' is so attractive to the world that though they were forbidden to speak the Name of...

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A Homeless Child [Orphanages Mentality]

"I will not leave you as orphans." Jesus said. We built 'orphanages mentality' organizations such as 'churches' 'feeding centers' 'bible schools' 'seminaries' 'adoption homes' and all 'para-churches' ministries. Whereas Jesus built His Ekklesia, the Church, His Body,...

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A talk over coffee…this morning

She said to the three of them: “Be baptize so that you will be saved.” “We wanna see him so that we will be baptized too.” They said. A conversation between the four of them: Albert’s mom Auling, and her three grand nieces who visited at her house. They were talking...

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Update 9-11

Hi, this letter was intentionally sent to you. I felt to do it this way: letting you know our ‘update’ - what’s going on with us here with confidentiality, except whoever you feel God would lead you to share our faith to. What’s going on here is so fragile, that...

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